Governor Jindal Addressed Modest Sized Group in Abbeville

The A.A. Comeaux Recreational Center in Comeaux Park had a modest-sized crowd. The three sponsoring organizations were lightly represented. These were the Chamber of Commerce, the Rotary Club and the Kiwanis Club. Abbeville’s Mayor Mark Piazza was the Master of Ceremonies and I think I recall that State Senator Nick Gauthreaux  introduced the governor. Over half a dozen elected officials were present. These included Clerk of Court Dianne Broussard, Parish Assessor Kathy Broussard and State Senator Nick Gauthreaux. There were a cluster of attendess from the local Indian-American community. There were a few of my personal friends. However, there was not a very large crowd after one names these groups of people. Jindal reviewed his time in office and administration policy so far and noted the awards and rankings he had achieved.

He did not entirly neglect the BP spill and its aftermath as well as his response. Such was the pace that he covered many basic issues from coastal restoration to federalism briefly. However, it was largely an incumbent’s stump speech. He reviewed the policies he had put into effect and how they had achieved some good effects. These were largely in administrative and legislative technical changes.

Because of the smallish crowd he was able to speak with a high percentage of the attendees in an individual face to face context afterwards. I took advantage of the opportunity and was pleased with the conversation I had with Governor Jindal. However, I had no camera and so I got no picture and cannot share the moment with posterity or with those of you reading this blog in a visual way.

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