National Book Festival and Other Things I am Not Doing

This weekend is the National Book Festival in Washington, DC. This is the book festival most associated with government of our Union. One of my brothers is hosting and my parents and their intake class of missionaries are attending a family conference at the Our Lady of the Bayou Retreat House which Family Missions Company is in the process of acquiring.  I looked over the program for the conference and did some not to be noticed small things to help them get ready for the conference.  However, I will not be attending the conference for myriad reasons. I will not be going to the National Book Festival being held on the National Mall either although I have watched some of it on television  and that includes hearing Former First Lady Laura Bush speak.  I may watch some more of it on television later. I am planning to go to a football game to be contested by my three young nephews. For whatever reason, I will be happy to try to make that work.

This is also a time of year when I remember my only Mid-Autumn Festival in China. This Moon Festival  was  a very special one which left me with more than a dozen really delicious Moon Cakes from friends, students  and  colleagues. This was a great occasion. As I sit in my room still largely marked by Chinese memorabilia there are no Moon Cakes around. All of this is just part of what I am not doing. Not doing these things ought to help me to do other things. I will always do some thing and always leave others undone.

This simple universal condition is the idea behind my blog post today. I may post more tomorrow or even later tonight if I decide not to do something else.

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