Looking back to look forward…

One of the wonders of the internet is that one can write for such an unknown readership on a blog.  I have no real way of guessing how many of you have been in a dense woods, thicket or forest. However, those of you who have been in such places  many times will know that to go in one direction as quickly as possible one must be aware of many routes and directions from the place where one is at any moment.

There is a balance in all things including awareness of direction and time. The same Jesus Christ who asserted that am man who looked back after putting his hand to the plow for the Kingdom of God was unworthy of it is the Jesus who said be aler because you do not know the day or the hour when the thief or bridegroom may return. He is also the one who said to let the little children come to him for the Kingdom of God belonged to them and that John the Baptist was one of those who knew that the the Kingdom of Heaven was taken by storm and violence. That is not contradiction it is wisdom. In each metaphor or simile he uses there is  a use of the strict demands of living a particular situation well and lets that throw a light on human light as a whole.

I am very aware of past, present and future today. Past times shared with those dear to me in China and presently having a new Twitter follower who is Chinese. Thinking of time spent with women I have cared for and recent correspondence with these and some others.  Seeing my nieces and nephews grow up and remembering their parents growing up.   

We face the future results of the future with whatever resolve we can muster. Life often has us quite busy coping with present results of past reality. WE MUST LOOK  AROUND SOMETIMES…

I had a bit of a busy day today. Nothing compared to some levels of busy and frenetic living even in my own past but busy enough. I went to vote this morning. The Republican primary was closed only to allow its own members to vote. Democrats, Libertarians and Republicans all had to vote in their own party’s primary. However, Independents could vote either in the Democratic or Libertarian primaries but not in the Republican, Whoever I may vote for in the general election I was an independent voter today in the Democratic primary. Voter turnout was very bad. The two major parties attracted a little more or  a little less than 100,000 votes a piece across in Vermilion Parish where I live some precincts saw only single digit voter turnout. I worry not only about politics but about local crises like possible epidemics or other problems.

I then went to watch three of my nephews play in youth football game.  It was impressive enough. They are learning football lessons  for life in those games. It was not a huge crowd though.

Glen Beck’s Restoring Honor rally in Washington seems to have been well attended . I hope it was a good place to spend the time. However, I am anxious about this sense of how much is wrong here and yet I hear about rallies and see how they make people feel they are addressing people who do want to make things better. I hope our understanding is deep enough for good change, I also hope the voters and relatives near me who were absent from polling place and football will be back around and feeling ready to contribute where needed.

There is a lot going on in America, Louisiana and the world. We must address it and plan for the future. To do that we must also know where we are coming from and how we got where we are.

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