The BP Spill and the Lessons We will Have to Unlearn

One of the things blog does is advocate for radical constitutional change and another thing it has been doing and continues to do at the current time is to cover the BP Macondo Oil Leak in the Gulf of Mexico and its effects. Sometimes these activities have come together in a single post and sometimes these two join with another prevalent theme and motif. One of the things that can be confusing to some people is the idea that I do not use very many slurs, cuss words or hateful epithets and do not advocate genocide or the wholesale and unexcused confiscation of all the property of a particular class of people who I am not really angry, radical or committed. Perhaps I have no enemies and am entirely unwilling to kill or die for anything. I can only try to assert that this is not the case — I really am seeking radical change.

One problem that we will have if we ever overthrow the vast murderous tyranny of horror under which I have lived my whole life is that we are not bound by a handful of hated laws that are very well-known and which aim death and horror at a specific set or a few specific groups of people. Instead we have huge volumes of regulations in the WTO Treaty, the NAFTA treaty, The UN Charter, The IMF Charter and other systems which do harm and add to a horrific murderous tyranny which hurts innocents and loots and destroys across the world. These strengthen an unassailed and largely idiotic worldview which saturates and defines both our present and all future possibilities. Let me be clear that much of the time I feel my soul life is spent like a man who passes much of each day waist or shoulder deep in raw sewerage.  But I am not going to attack all of this vast reality in this post. IF we do change it will be important that we not rush willy-nilly to get out of or destroy every large treaty structure in the world. Those involved in whatever may be described as a movement  that is represented by this blog seek peace and prosperity and stability as much as possible for as many as possible. This is true despite the fact that charitable giving and development aid are tied here to warrior culture and property rights and true although they may have more reasons for war, austerity and hardness than many other people. The legal regime may be ignored in some new structures but it will not be assaulted — these regimes will have to attack us where we ignore them to get a fight. We will attempt to pay our dues and keep up the obligations made. Here I am going discuss the oil leak in terms of waste again.

I have quite a few post relating to future structures for dealing with waste. These structures are rather grand and elaborate and have to be taken as a whole and in context. They do not exist in time to deal with all the waste water and waste oil which exists as a result of this spill. People do not trust the storage of weathered BP oil near them, they have good reasons. I believe we are a vast distance from real solutions. Here are few specific waste programs not in a structure we need to just do whether they can be well understood or not.

1. We need special lands and zones where a few really enormous and several times as many just large  waste treatment centers. These will be kept as clean and neat as possible and will have secure housing for forced labor from all able-bodied prisoners in the entire country who are serving long sentences, forced labor from illegal aliens and short-term labor contracts  for the needy and unemployed. Each   of these groups will have some of their small pay withheld to the end and will earn educational credits so that they move to schools offsite before the end of their programs. They will also all receive some good in kind on release. These groups will constitute low status labor which will build up the position of the salaried regular waste workers.

2. All restaurants and food businesses will be forced to segregate food wastes. Really clean food will go to a food ban for humans, some will go to a washing and slop program and go to pigs and chickens raised at these centers. These will be slaughtered cooked and irradiated and the meat used for disaster relief, stockpiling and part of the diet and release good of the low status labor.   The lowest grade foods will go to the soil and fuel programs.

3. Paper, yard clippings, coal dust, trees waste, plastics, weathered oil, oil wastes in sand and other resources will go to a separate department. Some will be recycled to really good uses, some will go the soil program but most of it will go into the fuel programs.  Composite fuels will be formulated which will power a system of steam locomotives and steam locomotive trains operated by the new structures. The most regular recovered fuels can be sold and used to power the waste centers and other government facilities.  What must be stored can be placed in the foundations of the expanded human habitat sites.

There are many more things that need doing. Probably none will get done and if change comes war or other crises may keep it from doing these things effectively. Meanwhile I get a day older in a world that makes me sick in so many ways and yet I can’t find the energy to scream at people in public.


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