Thoughts About the Next Year of Blogging

I am not at all sure that I will be blogging all of this year. This year is going to be as long and insecure as others of my life and I am very far from being able to project what I will be doing in the coming year with any certainty. Nonetheless I am able to conjecture just a bit.

If I keep blogging I will probably do a few profiles of living people. that is something I have not done yet to any extent.  The rest of the blog will probably continue to pursue a more or less familiar trajectory. I will deal with the themes that I have laid out here and covering some topics not much covered elsewhere as well as others that are better documented.



The next two things I will do in all probability is to deal with continuing models for scientific and technological approaches to habitat expansion in outer space and in the seas.This can get pretty technical and separate from my general discourse.  The other big thing is to develop and continue to advocate models for constitutional change in the United States.  This can also lead off in varied and complex directions.

So I will hope to see you reading here as we move towards another Ahugust 17. Just about anything can happen however.

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