Thanks, Congratulations and/or Whatever…

May was the second most viewed month that this blog had enjoyed since its inception. The sole month which surpassed it was October, 2009.  Then June was the most viewed month in the history of the blog but only beat out the earlier record by a slim margin of a few percent of total views. This month which has not yet ended as I post this, but is only hours from ending, is the most viewed ever. The number of views is multiple double-digit percentages of increase over the previous record.  I am not claiming that this is predictive not do I know the origin of more than a few dozen of the thousands of view in the total history of the blog. However, I would like to thank readers for pushing us up past this milestone. You notice I am not mentioning total numbers. Let us just say that I used to occasionally grace a front page that received tens of thousands of paying customers views and this is not in that league at all. I do appreciate those of you who stop by on any given day — including this one.

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