15 Final (for now) Things I Would Change About US Military Policy

Well, I could number these 36 to 50. I could but I will not. I will just number them 1 to 15 in my last post in this series and leave it to you to remember that they are the last in a set of 50.

1. I wish that for now, while we are awaiting a full-fledged MESA, the budget for Marines at Embassies would be greatly increased. I wish that the manpower and womanpower would be increased as well. While much of what I would like to see happen in MESA should be covert and not discussed in this blog I would like to see youth sports coaching of locals and US expats by Marines become standard. I would also like the first really women’s force in a combat unit ( as opposed to somehow gender neutral with women serving) developed. A unit of all female marines trained in rifle platoon skills who would specialize in local civilian women’s issues and networking around each embassy.

2. I would like to see Stratofortresses rigged to deploy a mix of drones, microblimps, and parachute delivered surface relays in advance of infantry and special ops invasions of fortified small regions.

3.   I would like to see a developing base protocol for  advanced bases so that the doctrine for any base is non-static and has the potential of becoming a hub for positive sociopolitical  activity.

4. I would like to see the development of falconry with camera transmitters for some elite horse mounted troops.

5.  I would like to see the three Armed Services Academies require a significant amount of non-ethnic foreign language as the norm for all cadets.

6. I would like to see a significant nonlethal weapons procurement program including:

i. dye, whistle and bang artillery for quasi hostile crowd control.

ii. rocket projected nets with soft weights and glue to disable potential bomb carriers.

iii. breaching weapons that can penetrate a wall without collapsing a building or killing the occupants with an explosion.

iv. barrier shells designed only to limit movement. 

7.  Integrated Line Management technology and doctrine should be developed to maintain all the data and assets including local civilians in a semi-static zone of combat.  

8. Counter-propaganda training should be much more widespread.

9. Furloughs should be extended where possible by a few days public relations work while a combat soldier is living at home if they volunteer for such service.

10.   A hydrofoil force for coastal and lake occupations should be developed.

11. Old military equipment in working condition should be sold to any country we occupy under arms as a matter of course to establish lines of supply, correct a power imbalance and also address budgetary needs without giving the country nothing in return for its money.

12. Wounded veterans should be supplied with opportunities for involvement with crisis simulation programs for training purposes.

13.  Environmental mitigation should become a modest and limited but real and official factor in defining doctrine.

14. Units of women should be prepared to guard (including training in specialized combat challenges), feed, nurse, house and evacuate foreign and expat local women and children in a (believed) near combat zone as they are brought in by male combat troops.

15. A large wire and ceramic mesh mechanical wheel should  be developed to proceed across fields and streets detecting the presence of IEDs and EFPs where they are expected.

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