Today and tomorrow…

Well, it looks like tropical storm  Bonnie may have pushed some oil ashore before breaking up and that is more pronounced because all fragile barriers had to be removed because of what Bonnie would have don to the barriers (especially boom lines) if they had been hit by a real tropical storm.  However, it is also significant that it caused the floating worksite over Macondo to be shut down for several days. Nonetheless it is possible for us to say that the impact of this storm has been very minimal.

This weekend I have been attending the Catholic Charismatic Conference in Lafayette, Louisiana. That is a hard experience to relate to if one is not involved in the renewal movement. I have attending many of these Lafayette conferences over the past thirty odd years. Always there have been elements of both blessing and concern. However, while I fancy that I remember better days, the conference is better tha many of those in the recent past in several memorable ways. I have also run into a number of old acquaintances I seldom or never see outside of these annual conferences or similar events. For  me that means mostly these conferences for a variety of reasons.

The Charismatic renewal fostered ministries around the world, created dialog among varied Christians, produced huge amounts of music, led to countless marriages, saved some collapsing institutions of various kinds and did manifest signs of God’s gracious spirit. Tomorrow, I will return to writing about some odd speculative political agenda for a bit — God Willing. But whatever I am and think about people relating to one another has been formed in some way by the years of varied levels of involvement in the Charismatic Renewal.  I may find time to blog more about that on some future occasion.

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