A Return to the Modeling of a Royalist Federal Imperial American Model

I am not printing out the majority of these posts anywhere and having some of them on flash drive does not and never would answer all questions related to organization of material. There are bound to be some contradictions and problems of continuity.  These would be problems I would take more seriously if this were an established government issuing official documents. However, writing as the ultimate outsider I am not troubled by this. There are so many things to work out before any of this can be worked out in fact there are a million things to do besides achieving perfect editorial cohesion.  I am returining to this model and am writing about a little bit of in outlining one more component. The model is based on a royalist concept that balances monarchic, aristocratic and democratic elements in an effective mixed and federal system. This is the group of Aristocrats just below the Peer-Electors at the top of the proposed Upper Nobility.

In previous blog posts I have discussed Forty Peer-Electors who would play a vital role in the establishment of the Empire and Emperor in the transformed United States. I have also posted a requirement for a High Council of Nobles in the Direct Imperial Government.  The large majority of the Forty Peer-Electors proposed would be hereditary familial peers.  There would also be a Group of ten members of the Upper Nobility of the proposed Empire who would fill extinct places in the fixed allotment of Peer-Electors. These would be the Ten:

1. The Count Rockefeller of New Jersey’ s New Holland

2. The Count Ford of Detroit

3. The Count Walton of Little Rock

4. The Count Dupont of  Kentucky and Delaware Removes

5. Count___________ and of Hendrickson of the Lakes,  Chief of the Scandinavians of Wisconsin and Minnesota  

6. Le Compte Boudreaux Haute President de les Haute Chefs de les Acadiens

7. Le Compte Hebert President de les Haute Chefs de Les Acadiens

8. Le Compte Melancon President de les Haute Chefs de Les  Acadiens

9. Herzog der Fleussebanken, Chef des Comunites de La Cote des Allemans

10. Grand Viscount Chow Hawaii’s Chinese communities, Head of the Long Exiled Han Royal House

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