Why I Matter to Myself & Other Matters… in the News Cycle

I am aware that this blog is a tiny little piece of the world of formal electronic information. I am even more aware that the biggest outlet only doing what I do here would only meet a small part of the complete needs of people for information.

1. This evening Venezuela and Colombia broke off relations, that is as close as on could hope to get to being warned that we may be facing a real and full-fledged shooting war in our own hemisphere. I think that war between Venezuela and Colombia would have a great deal of geopolitical and regional significance. I think that we need to face the fact that we have sense of distance from affairs of state in our own hemisphere that never existed  in the same way in the past. We have so many level of reasons to be concerned about this matter. I do not feel this news has been broken to the US public very well.

2. There is a storm passing through the Gulf over the spill area. This tropical storm Bonnie raises a huge number of questions. I think that the US public is at least aware that this is true. However, this does not mean that they are prepared to understand all the questions…

3. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Chelsea were given an image of themselves made of chips of precious stones. This is an ancient art from in Asia. The image is to valuable for them to be likely to be eligible to keep it under US ethics rules. In a country known for waste, consumption and greed how can these rules do anything but destroy what good will we do find in a large and dangerous world.

I am not going to do a good job analyzing and reporting these stories. However, life being what it is I am able to make sure my readers know that these things are happening. I want to move beyond the hell-hole of my real life for a moment and focus on how much we need a variety of perspectives in this society and I am going to rejoice that I am in this mix of needed voices.

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