Why I Dare to Advocate Radical Change…

As I start to get back into the swing of this blog and some of its long-term themes I am forced to consider and address those who might ask why I should dare to advocate radical social change.

Well, because young people in the United States seem confused about some of the meaning and consequences of their sexual-social choices.

1. http://nsrc.sfsu.edu/article/health_statistics_teen_sexuality_std_pregnancy

Because married filiation is under stress as is the American family structure and there is a real race to the bottom because only marriage is a recognized domestic regime. Society is destroying basic human community.

2. http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/fastats/unmarry.htm

Because, entirely unregulated sexual and domestic slavery is widespread in the united States and the world. 



Because, after huge amounts of social change at gunpoint the black community in America is really in a downward spiral in many ways. The great project of this country in my generation is suicide.


Because, we have destroyed communities in favor of society and society is doing an increasingly poor job of holding things together. Corporations and governments are not able to care for all this dislocated people well.


Because our absurd idea of national morality focuses largely on the total prohibition of recreational drugs and prostitution and it is quite possible to argue that this is not only hypocritical but also misguided.


8. http://www.liberator.net/articles/prostitution.html

So this is why my royalist American program for radical change is something I continue for as long as I can stay here. I do think that things are disastrous in many areas of society besides coastal policy. I favor radical change because I think we are radically off-track.

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