One Reason I Do Not Take Vows Often…

BP and their many witnesses claim that they have set a cap with valves on top of the cut-off riser and that they hope to close off valves and contain the entire leak. They may be telling the truth, if not the relief valves may be set  to deal with the outflow an other issues very soon.  It is hard to take them seriously. It is hard because they have at times given the impression of lying their asses off as we say around here. We are stuck with dealing with the future in all its complexity. We know that all of these people sometimes tell the truth. If they did not tell the truth then thousands of people would not show up to work for them and do business with them on a regular basis.  But still, real and apparent breach of promise undermines the whole complex of interactions with and between all the parties in this situation. 

The BP Oil spill has actually been good to this blog. It has provided a focus for a variety of insights and analytical pieces that involved new issues and also a variety of lifelong and also long-term concerns. It has been good in that it has been a catalyst to the increase of readership of this blog. I have discussed this topic in each blog post for quite some time. There is still a lot to blog about in this spill. However, I never made a promise to keep blogging about it untill the crisis was over.  There is a great reticence in me to making promises. Much as incident commander Thad Allen recently said seemed right to him in dealing with this crisis “it is better to under promise and over deliver” .  I am a divorced man. Whatever else that means it means it does mean that I stood up in front of a large group of the friends and relatives of a young woman I loved and my own friends and relatives and promised to spend the rest of my life with her. That did not work out too well in terms of being a long-term kept promise. However, I do not regret the seven and a half years we spent together thereafter.

But this is really beside the point. The point itself is that I do not make a lot promises. I am glad I did not promise to keep blogging about this leak. I have so much more to discuss that I may return to it soon enough but I am going to allow myself to discuss some other things as well.   This post is sort of a farewell to my single-minded commitment to making this oil disaster the central theme of my writing. I am going to take some time to write about other things quite soon.

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