The BP Oil Spill & The Anderson Cooper Response

There have been a great number of competent and quite a few gifted journalists who have covered the leak and consequences of the leak that followed the sinking of the Deep Water Horizon at the Macondo underwater feature in the Gulf of Mexico just off the Coast of Louisiana. I will say that I have even seen more than one production that could be called a full-length documentary film.  I think many of these people deserve commendation and some deserve censure for their response to this crisis.Even BP itself has spent quite some significant amount of cash collecting and reporting information in various formats and through various people who have differing levels of expertise and candor as regards these events and their consequences. The BP response and other responses are not really so surprising when one considers that at least thirteen human deaths have been tied to these events, billions of dollars in trade and economic effects (including BP stock value fluctuations)  can be tied and related to these events. I have seen the disaster covered on ABC, NBC. CBS, Fox, MSNBC, PBS, the BBC, CNBC and many other venues in the electronic and broadcast media. The local and regional broadcast stations have had many significant exclusive stories. Also I have seen the print media from Gannett ( my former employer) as well as many other competitors cover the story. All these people have done work that deserves to be considered carefully by students, critics and practitioners of modern journalism. But none of those people and institutions are the subjects of this blog post.

I want to take an absurdly short amount of time and space to acknowledge the work of Anderson Cooper and his crew and staff on the CNN show AC360. Anderson Cooper has traveled the marshes, formed relationships with Governor Jindal, Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nunguesser, Grand Isle Mayor Dave Camardelle and local observers James Carville and his Republican wife Mary. He has taken time to tie into the cultural background stories, the family histories, and the political history. He has kept up a stream of steady reportage of the facts and has spiced that up with interviews of people like Lenny Kravitz and other celebrities who really know the area. He has owned the story and in my opinion has been a significant force in driving better coverage elsewhere.

In a climate where CNN has lost ground to more adversarial and advocacy driven networks like Fox and MSNBC he has found and area where he can bend his lines and not break them in advocating the case of voiceless animals and plants as well as millions of American citizens threatened by this disaster. So I think he has probably helped CNN fight back while being CNN. He has shown how they can still cover a big and long story and that they can do it in the new media environment. So he is adding his own professional quest and knight errantry to that of the people he has chosen to stand beside.

So, before it is too late, I take this chance to salute Anderson Cooper. Good job,  Sir. You are one of those we need around more than ever.    I hope this leads to new but probably not more important opportunities.

7 responses to “The BP Oil Spill & The Anderson Cooper Response

  1. Obama told America that if we can win WWII and put a man on the moon, we can solve stop this leak as well as our dependency on fossil fuels.

    But there’s a missing piece: the soldiers in WWII had the Pentagon and Neil Armstrong had NASA. What’s the man on the street supposed to do to solve the fossil fuel problem? Is it time for an organized, funded effort?

    The following link is to a satirical video, but it underscores this issue in real terms.

    Link: You’re Soaking In It

    • franksummers3ba


      I have tried to lay out some plans at diffferent levels of committment to this crisis in various places in this blog. I hope you can take a bit of time and check them out. Part of my response includes links to responses by other people.

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  3. Nice post — I completely agree. Thanks for pointing out what a good job Cooper & CNN have been doing with this horrifying story.

    • franksummers3ba


      I appreciate the appreciation. I hope you can also refer some friends with questions to his coverage,

  4. Thank you for this post. I have followed Anderson Cooper almost from the beginning of his career and he has excelled in every report he comments about, and none more than this Gulf Coast disaster. Thank you Frank Summers for expressing what I’ve been thinking for some time but have been unable to express as well as you do.

    Anderson Cooper deserves all the gratitude and acknowledgment we can give him.

    Bravo Anderson!

    • franksummers3ba

      Peter Trevino,

      I am grateful for your gratitude and appreciate your appreciation. That is not so hard to believe since the two of us are apparently people willing to say “thanks”. I am not prone to give a whole post of praise to someone unless they have just died. Had he done an excellent job on a story that did not play out so near home I would probably not be doing this either. However, here I am pleased to give time and space to someone who has done the same (in such a good way) for this region.

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