The BP Oil Spill and the Presidency: 10 Questions

I am going to try to discuss how th BP Oil Spill relates to the state of the Obama Presidency in a few paragraphs. The post will be about as long as other posts. It will not have a great number of links either. So it will  just skim the surface of this topic.

1.Has this ongoing long-lasting crisis shown America that the rhetoric about a green future (which Obama used to get elected) been shown to be a very vast distance from really being concerned about a policy which supports and protects a healthy environment?

2. Does this crisis combine with a porous border, a financial malaise, weak energy policy, recalcitrant companies leasing our minerals, low approval ratings, a disillusioned military command and enormous debt to show Americans that we are in a massive crisis? It will be an existential crisis if we do not make good choices soon, will we make good choices?

3.Given the Clinton impeachment, the Bush V. Gore electoral resolution, 9-11, the powerful animus of huge crowds to the most recent President Bush and the cascading negative results and perceptions of President Obama — given all that do we face real executive reform as a Union?

4.Will President Obama be taken less seriously on the world stage because of the slow torturous playing out of this oil leak?

5. How will  this  affect relations between the administration (and the next administration) in the US and the UK given that the crisis began between parliaments and continues to play out during  all the early days of the new UK government?

6. Will Bobby Jindal return to the table of Republican Presidential politics after a brief departure from the circle?

7. Will Ken Feinberg be successful making the President look successful? Or does his continuous role-playing ony show that the Federal government ‘s judiciary can do many thing it should not do but cannot do the things it should?

8.Will the Presidents receipt of the most BP monies ever be an issue in ongoing politics such as the next Presidential election?

9. Will the President’s reforms of the Mineral Management Service be a visible success within the next ten years (regardless of what their real value may be)?

10. Is there ever a time to take deep-seated popular discontent a sign that real change is needed quickly?

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