Numbers for the BP Oil Spill Links and Notes

This is a very brief post on some of the numbers involved in this BP Oil Spill. There is a lot that can be written about these numbers but I will not write it here.

1. Forty-two (42) gallons per barrel of oil, 42,000 gallons per 1,000 barrels, and 420,000 gallons per 10,000 barrels.

2.How much money has BP Spent and will it spend and can it spend on this mess? For that analysis see this link:

3. There were 640 North American rigs on June 18,2010. That means oil and gas seeking or drilling or working over rigs as opposed to those just piping or pumping or producing oil. The link below has a table on how this all plays out. 

4. Less natural gas drilling in Gulf and the relationship to prices and economics. There are a lot of numbers here see this link.

5. How many jobs are there in Offshore drilling and production? Are they increasing or decreasing?What portion are in the Gulf of Mexico?

a. Here is an introduction to and summary of news about this subject:

b. One place where people look for jobs in the industry and worry about these numbers:

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