Twelve Questions about the Deep Water Horizon Gusher

Here are some questions to ask about this gusher and the accompanying events.

1. Who if anyone is doing or will do a careful evaluation of this gusher in the context of other overestimated and underestimated spills? When I say careful I mean taking into accounting spawning and nesting seasons, tropical storms, depth related temperature and  other relevant factors.

2. Is it time for the US, Louisiana or the industry to create a Comprehensive Spill Catalogue together with modeling software showing likely spill behavior in varied circumstances.

3. Is anyone going to see this as sufficient motivation to develope significant reserve and supplementary hatchery and microbial culture depots along the coast for varied crises to balance strains on the eco-system?

4. When the report came out that there was no leak early on was there any slim margin of truthiness or was it an outright lie?

5.Will rig design be addressed as regards deep water drilling especially?

6. Are labs exposing eggs of varied species to these gobs of oil to document effects created by the oil upon these eggs?

7.Can anything be done to run an ecologically  safe oil industry in an economy that runs increasingly on an irresponsible world model?

8. Since the private grief of eleven families has been so overwhelmed by public health and public interest concerns, is it right to set up some kind of public monument and public memorial to the eleven killed in this explosion?

9. Can the cleaning machines Kevin Costner is pitching be put to use quickly in areas where the oil is closest to hitting the most vulnerable spots and be made effective?

10. Is the well going to be controlled before the first hurricane comes through?

11. How much will be cleaned up before the first hurricane comes through?

12. How much oil has leaked into the gulf from this well, and how much gas has pushed through?

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