Oil and Gas an Odd Argument for Continuing Drilling

This is an odd time to be posting this. I am much more upset about this spill than the average person. Yet for me it further argues that we should keep drilling for oil and gas for the foreseeable future. Yes, we will have to develope carbon recapture, cleaner burning fuels and concepts of fractionalization as yet unknown to us. Yes, we should be mixing som wastes with other elements to reclaim ancient man-made deserts in system developed by obscure scientists decades ago. But I truly believe we are lessening every year the vast deposits of oil and gas which are near the earth surface under sea or other wise. Oil and Gas people are so used to defending how crude and natural gas are harmless fossils that they lose sight of the reasons some Louisiana Acadians often welcomed early drillers. Use the stuff for some good purpose and get it out of the eco system. In a series of major volcanoes and earthquakes which our planet may undergo at some time the release of seas of oil and vast storms of gas is a terrible menace. Regular natural seepage has many positive ecological effects but the huge releases and sudden flows of history are seldom discussed and have sometimes been devastating to local bio-cycles. It offends my sense of proper resource management to pretend that failing to use oil and gas is not full of risk. The replacement of the energy they give is part of the risk. However, simply not removing vast deposits from near the surface while we can do so safely is another risk which the passive model of today’s environmental movement would find unthinkable and anathema to consider.

One response to “Oil and Gas an Odd Argument for Continuing Drilling

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