Yet More of My Thoughts on the Oil Spill and a few links

This is going to be another short post related to the big British Petroleum (BP) Transocean Deep Water Horizon Rig Tragedy. I am just throwing up some links that might be relevant. First I recommend watching the film Louisiana Story directed by Robert Flaherty, with portrayals by Joseph Boudreaux and Lionel Leblanc and produced and funded by Standard Oil of New Jersey. This film is described or offered for sale in the next two links.

I also want to give some idea of the cultural and historical significance of Louisiana’s barrier islands. I think that reading Kate Chopin’s novella The Awakening is a good portal into this whole world of discussion and discovery.

Then I also wanted to give you a chance to see the significance of disrupting Atlantic Bluefin Tuna spawning in this area at this time. There is so much more at stake than is proportionate to the size of the waters that are being disrupted relative to the world’s ocean’s. In this case I am reproducing a few lines from the site as well.

“Although Atlantic bluefin are widely distributed and migrate thousands of kilometers, there are two confirmed spawning locations—the Gulf of Mexico in the western Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea in the eastern Atlantic. Although many ecological and environmental variables undoubtedly affect both the location and productivity of spawning in these two areas, relatively little is known concerning why bluefin spawn where they do.

Spawning in the Gulf of Mexico occurs between mid-April and mid-June when females, which mature around age 8, release approximately 30 million eggs each. The highest density of bluefin larvae, the primary indicator of spawning, occurs in the northern Gulf of Mexico with lesser larval concentrations appearing off the Texas coast and in the Straits of Florida.”

In addition to all of this I am providing a link to the Board which promotes Louisiana seafood.  They are among those trying to cover th Gulf spill and response as well.

There are many links which I have not covered or shown here.  I do want to end by including a link to this great habitat of birds and plants as it has been protected by the government for over a century. There is a wide variety of habitats outside of these parks which also need help and support.

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