More Thoughts about the Oil Spill

I want to make available some more links that could be useful and helpful to those trying to understand this spill. First a government link that leads to a site full of usefull coverage.

The second and third links are the two of my blog posts most pertinent to the subject.

I also want to add that this gusher is ongoing as I write this. I have pieced together reports of shortages of boom both rigid and absorbent in many places. I have heard that British Petroleum has already given the Louisiana Seafood Marketing and Promotions Board $2,000,000 to mitigate damage to the seafood market and brand of our state. There reports of three hundred yard long slick that have hit land and been cleaned, reports of thousands of tar balls and of fish and turle kills in the slightly above normal range blamed on the spill by knowledgeable people, hundreds of businesses have been affected in the few regions I follow closely. My own home parish Vermilion Parish has joined with St. Mary Parish and Iberia Parish to from a task force to defend Vermilion Bay near my home. There is a sense of doom among many people I know who are usually not easily mad despondent.

In the years of controversy which will folow this I know there will be many engines of truth but I fear I have little confidence that they will lead to more really truthful understanding. One of my favorite movies is “Louisiana Story” by Robert Flaherty. This is a movie paid for by Standard Oil of New Jersey which is now Exxon and it has a gusher in it. The Acadians in it are literate and bilingual landowners but they are swampers and not our upper classes which we do have and have always had. People will see the wrong things in the story. They will not see that Exxon has some good will here for having funded a truly masterful classic film about oil and the Acadian people. They will see how we have often quarreled over cleaning up spills, over turtle protection, over oyster seeding rights, over fishing zones and seasons. Frankly, while seen as backward we are the closest thing to Western Civilization that exists. The struggle to balance and preserve many rights is messy and scary and hard. it works here. If BP can prevent a calamity they will have earned there way back into this community with which they have long ties. But it is they who must measure up. It is they who must show they can spend a lot to make the minimum grade not to be exonerated entirely or be heroes. They must see that they are privileged to belong.

We are a long way from such fine distinctions. right now we stare at horror with no certainty of avoiding a centuries long disaster.

2 responses to “More Thoughts about the Oil Spill

  1. franksummers3ba

    Hello Readership,

    Today May 17, 2010 BP has announced that it has successfully inserted one pipe into a broken pipe amid the leaks a mile down. Estimates are that 85% of the leak is out of the pipe where the insert was achieved. There is a great deal of debate about how much of that 85% is being captured by the siphoning pipe. The BP estimate is that 20% of the 85% is being captured. I hope to post more on the spill within the next few days.

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