The Direct Imperial Government in the New American Regime: Part Three

This is my third post on the Direct Imperial Government in my proposed new regime. In this post I wish to cover two agencies of the proposed DIG. I have done a lot of posts in this blog on healthcare under our current political order.  Here are two of them:



The others that I have done should be searchable. However, the second of the two links I have provided above would more or less indicate the operations of the Imperial Wellness Agency which would do approximately what the proposed National Wellness Agency would have done. It would of course be stronger and more effective than the NWA because it would have a fixed base of two percent of all DIG funds to add to its revenue streams. It would be a large constitutional anomaly as will all of the major DIG agencies and ministries but it will operate in a well-defined and circumscribed sphere of action. It will consist of a web of specific exceptions to the normal way of doing business. The taxes it receives that I really drew up for the NWA should stand even though they are less appropriate for the DIG than for the federal program I proposed.  This intrusion will be modest if this regime actually emerges. One must remember that this would be a revolution that leaves the vast preponderance of resources in a slightly altered set of institutions that have evolved within a republican structure.  This is a very American approach since America’s 200 and more republican years have merged from a relatively slightly modified version of British and Arcadian-Acadian royalist regimes mixed with Iroquois Chieftainly confederated mixed government  seen through the lense of Greek Classical political science and the Roman republics emergence from the Kingdom of the City of Rome. In the tradition we now would move like Rome from Republic to Empire. However, the American enterprise has never been a purist enterprise and this is not a purist’s proposal.

I will not discuss the details of the Imperial Wellness Agency here except to say that it would support a web of Community Clinics, employ most law and medical school students for a few days in their career, offer token pay to volunteers and track them, recycle surplus pharmaceuticals, rely in part on taxes on migration and dangerous activities from abroad. It would offer sponsorship networks and support emergency response to common disasters. There would be a kind of token insurance program and it would provide some level of available care (much inferior to the very best available) to everyone for little or  even no cost  in a way which demands from but does not destroy private market care. It will also create incentives to control cost which no current system employs well.

The last agency I will discuss in this little series is the Government Liaison to the Imperial House and Household. This agency will seek to ensure that all DIG programs and actions tend to support and enhance and not oppose or curtail the Imperial House and Household’s civilian and military agencies. There will be a Women’s and Family Division which will make sure that the Imperial Wellness Agency and Rolls of Kindreds as well as ordinary organs of governance support the Empress’s Bureau of Women’s Affairs and the Mistress of Ceremonies’ Office of Liaison’s and Placements. It will have an Enforcement Division which will support the integration of the MC’s Office of Ritual Confrontation, the House’s military, the Ministry of Protocol and GRIHHA regulations and proclamations into the law and law enforcement. It will have a Habitat Division to support integration into IWA (Imperial Waste Authority), the HHEA (Human Habitat Expansion Agency)and the local governments all related Imperial House work. Lastly the GLIHH will have the Personal Ministry Division which will assign people to see to the needs of House members discharging DIG functions or interaction in any official way with the DIG

These four agencies are not everything that there is within the DIG. However, they do set out a picture of all that the Direct Imperial Government would and would not be within the new regime. That should make it easier to see what the costs of establishing the new regime would and would not be.

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