The Direct Imperial Government in the New American Regime: Part One

The last few months I have been blogging mostly about a proposed new regime in America. I intend to continue to do this while at the same time addressing the catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The Direct Imperial Government does not yet exist in any way and is not at all the same as the components of the new regime which are reformed aspects of the current United States or State government. Nor is the Direct Imperial Government  like the Acadian people, or the general concept or institution of polygamy.  Nor is it like the concepts or remaining practices of classic Greek political science or royalism. Here the topic being discussed is something that is not, has never been and may never be. It is the part of this whole model of a proposed regime which is the most similar therefore to a megalomaniacal delusion or a whole cloth fabrication. There is very little evidence or standard to say whether it is right or not.  As with other parts of the model I want to use the part to illustrate and illumine the whole. I will not even attempt a complete overview here. However, there is something close to a complete overview if one examines all related posts closely. Here in this series of posts I will discuss four Direct Imperial Government Agencies and there proposed operation.  The four Agencies discussed here will be The Imperial Waste Authority, The Human Habitat Expansion Agency (Distinct from the Human Habitat Expansion Office of the Imperial House),  The Imperial Wellness Agency and the Government Liaison Agency for the Imperial House, Household and Services. In discussing these agencies I will discuss the DIG as a whole. Not how to dig a hole but the D.I.G. as a whole system.

About the oil spill, I want to encourage anyone reading to look at my earlier post. This was written before the disaster in the gulf.  Please see: this will give one an idea of lots of contextual issues. As recently as when I posted this post I had not yet begun to openly incite change to a royalist form of government. Although this is an issue that would be addressed mostly by the Kingdom of Louisiana in my larger proposed Imperial America it is still relevant to the issues discussed in this post as well. Before continuing I also want to include a statement of sympathy for the families and loved ones of forty-nine year old Donald Clark of Newellton, Louisiana as well the bereaved mourning forty-year old Stephen Curtis who leaves of a wife and two teenage children.  Also missed and remembered by their families and loved ones are fifty-six year old Eunice, Louisiana  native Blair Manuel who lived a life resident in St. Amant and left a family and fiancée. Twenty-nine year old engineer Gordon Jones allegedly died three days before his sixth anniversary. His wife Michelle (my ex-wife’s name) is expecting their child. Two other Americans who will be missed were from Texas and four were from Mississippi. The bodies of these eleven have not been recovered. All of these losses have been somewhat overshadowed by the potential cataclysm that is this spill of thousands of  square miles.

I. Imperial Waste Authority 

In this post I going to discuss the Imperial Waste Authority. I will relate it to the overall picture of the Government and to the Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill occupying much of my mind at present. However, I will really try to map the agency out as well.

A. The Constitutional Founding and Legal Establishment of the Imperial Waste Authority

In the formation of the totality of the new regime there will be many elements of the grand political palette which will be brought to bear on the problems and issues of the present and which will be addressed as regards the institutions of the future.  The Direct Imperial Government in general will be the portion of the regime where the efforts of Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the New Deal and the  big government programs of Wilson and even of Lincoln. The Direct Imperial Government will be fairly compared to the corporate fascism of the Axis powers of the Second World War in some ways. However, unlike the image of those very varied examples this will be a government of both enumerated powers and enumerated agencies of theat power. The Constitution and the other founding documents and bodies must be designed and put into effect in such a way as to make clear what the balance of powers in the relatively complex regime must be. The Imperial Waste Authority must be the most in this corporate authoritarian regime of all the agencies of the Direct Imperial Government.

1. The Constitutional Article on the Emperor in a Subsection on Waste and Ruin shall Provide:

“The Emperor shall have a supreme right and sovereign privilege to profit from the waste and ruins of the realm personally, in his House, in his Peers and in his Direct Imperial Government. Among the Ministers of the House there shall be a Minister of Waste and Ruins whose office shall assume other functions provided in this clause when those to whom they are assigned are unable to perform them or when such institutions may have been temporarily dissolved or abolished at the pleasure of the Emperor. The Court Architect and the Majordomos di Palazzo of the three Unity titles along with the Head of Imperial Ruins Board along with five persons appointed by the Direct Imperial Government and four persons appointed by the Emperor from among the Representatives of the House of Representatives. The Imperial Waste Authority shall have authority over all waste and shall itself establish and constitutionally govern under the pleasure of the Emperor the Imperial Waste Corporation and the Imperial     Waste Authority Federation of Constitutional Jurisdictions. While there shall be a regular review of the constitutional operation of this Imperial Waste Authority every five years which shall determine its possible undue authority and influence over matters unrelated or insufficiently related to waste it shall not conform to the general structure of our constitution as regards federal issues or the separation of powers. It shall be an agency of extremely direct and unreviewed powers to accomplish its purpose. The Imperial Waste Authority shall have a Marshall General and Marshall’s Corps  to enforce its laws and regulations as well as standing in all legal matters and disputes related to waste. ”

2. Constitutional Jurisdictions:

Every Constitutional Jurisdiction will have to pass a provision of its Constitution authorizing full cooperation and compliance with the Imperial Waste Authority and also recognizing the Emperor’s rights in Waste and Ruins.  This will have to take place as part of the revolutionary founding of the new regime. In this they will specify how their delegates to  the Imperial Waste Federation of Imperial Corporations  will be appointed, salaried and managed.

3. The Imperial Waste Corporation

The Imperial Waste Corporation shall assume all contracts for waste management of any kind in which a government is involved as a party at any level at the time of this founding. The party currently contracted shall be presumed to continue in operation of the contract in one of a number of ways. All major corporations engaged in activities related to waste in the realm which wish to continue to be major actors in this industry will rewrite their corporate bylaws and articles of incorporation to conform to the new regime. They shall develop a unique three-part structure in which there shall exist under one supreme board a subsidiary of the Imperial Waste Corporation, a Conformist Division and a Competitive Division. Under Imperial Waste Authority Regulations these will each operate in different spheres of activity. All will be subject to being summoned to assist the Imperial Waste Authority in emergency response and waste related disaster response activities to a substantial degree. All such established corporations shall exchange some of their stock as demanded by a scale in the laws for Executive Stock in the Imperial Waste Corporation. All minor players, individuals and governments involved in these activities will have the opportunity and sometimes the requirement to buy Preferred Stock. By formula and law ten percent of the assets valuation of the Imperial Waste Corporation will be traded on a market (starting with the New York Stock Exchange) as Common Stock. This Corporation will have reviews by the Imperial Waste Authority which will publish an annual white paper. However, it will be able to use tax funds in some operations, to interact in unique ways with the overall authority. It shall support unique project related to Waste that are overseen and authorized by the Imperial Waste Authority.

B. Goals of the Imperial Waste Authority

The goal of the Imperial Waste Authority is to operate in such a way that as much of the waste it handles as possible find its way into good and useful service which cause it not to be waste. It is especially to seek to build up assets to assist in the clean-up related to events such as storms, floods, oil spills and fires which produce great waste. It cannot be sued for not participating or raising a standard but will seek to gradually raise a standard in these matters as it proceeds. The Imperial Waste Authority will seek to develop a new structure to see the   varied distressed and devalued  items into newly useful entities as often and as easily as possible. It will be able to access large resources from throughout the Empire for that purpose. It shall maintain an Academic Division and Library which shall accumulate and advance all technical and social knowledge and skill related to the activities in which it is engaged.

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