A Few Thoughts on the Winter Olympics

The  Winter Olympics as they are televised on the NBC networks do entertain and compel me. I could talk to you if you were sitting beside me about Lindsey Vonn, Bode Miller, Julie Mancuso, Apollo Anton Ohno, Charlie Wise and Meryl Davis as well as Shanon Barkhe and Shani Davis. The stories of athletes from other nations also compel me. While I have skied, sledded and skated a very little — I do not relate to these events as even a competent winter athlete would. Also for me, as for many others, I relate with eagerness to the excellences that are not typical of my own life. The joy of representing a nation on a great stage is not something most us will ever know. Nor will we know the full discipline and dedication of many of these athletes. Further I remeber the youth they live as an increasingly distant memory. 

A US speed skater glides along the ice.

 The Olympics is not the only thing on my mind.  I had supper with last night and spoke today with Seth J. DeMoor who is trying to do some cool blogs and cycle across the country from Orlando, Florida to Buena Vista, Colorado.  He has a blog and his all out effort and adventure has many values in common with the Olympics.  His website is right here for your perusal  http://onebillionstories.com/  The New Testament is actually full of references to the events and traditions of the Olympic Games. So Seth’s faith tie is not unrelated either. However in these weeks I am spending quite a bit of time watching the Winter Olympics. It is not all that I do but it is important. I really get into the Olympics.  I like the Summer and the Winter Games.

USA team racing in the two man bobsled on a fast track.

 So I hope all of you are getting something out of it as well.  Let us press on and be a bit inspired to find an adventure and a winning route.  Let’s view the Olympics and try to live them out a little bit as well. I  may have more to say later after the closing ceremonies. But I do not want to pass up the chance to say something now. 

US figure skater Rachel Flatt fights to keep up a tradition in a tough field.

 Whether it Apollo Ohno becoming America’s most decorated winter Olympian or Rachel Flatt struggling against superb athletes in a field where the USA has long dominated– it is full of  drama and stories.  It recharges some of my creative batteries just to watch it. 

US Hockey team has been dominant.

 This is also a big anniversary for those who remember the famed Miracle on Ice hockey semifinal against the Soviet Union . Some of that emotional magic shone upon our professional hockey team when they beat Canada in a recent match. The Olympics pour out connections of moments in our lives, connections between countries and connections  between courage and opportunity. I do like the Olympics.  I am watching them intently.

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