Thoughts About Winning the Super Bowl Part One — Quarterbacks

I am going to class this post as being one of my most “thinking on-line” posts and one of the least complete essays. I am going to address the question: Who will win the Super Bowl?  I will warn you in advance that the final analysis reached here will be short of a true pick.  I am pulling for the Saints.

1. Compare the quareterbacks:

I. Payton Manning has played in this field several times and has won a Super Bowl here.  However, Both teams have played there this year and the saints won a game there. Both quarterbacks and several key players watched the Pro-Bowl there.  Miami is closer to Louisiana than Indianapolis and there is a bit less travel time. COMFORT: ADVANTAGE PAYTON SLIGHT.

II. Brees led a thirteen game streak. Then he really rested much of the last three games of the regular season. He then won by 31 points and squeaked out a victory over Favre and has positioned himself almost perfectly to win the game in terms of momentum. Not likely to be far off from his best game Brees is coming into this week as ready as anyone gets. The bad news is that Manning’s year and pace are almost as good. YEAR’S MOMENTUM: ADVANTAGE BREES SLIGHT.

III. Over twenty Saints scored this season. Kickers like Hartley, defensive touchdowns on a team that creates takeaways often and random chance must be recognized. However, there are still the capacities of Bush to run, take a screen pass and return a ball. There are still the the power and ferocity of elements like Shcokey and Hamilton doing very different things with the two Thomas players. There are still the varied targets when the colts have to cover Shockey, Colston, Meachem and Henderson when a pass is a foregone conclusion. Drew Brees is a masterful leader for this complete attack.  That means that he will use all the advantages this gives him. This leads to this thought, yesterday I went with family and some friends to see the American tour of the Lipizzaner Stallions doing Dressage. Although the name and animals remind us of the Colts I think the Saints resemble these values of fully developed teamwork best of the two teams. COMPLETENESS OF OFFENSE: ADVANTAGE BREES MODERATE.

IV. The facts are that Payton is taller and has a superior field of view. He is heavier and can complete a pass after receiving more force in the  first fraction of a section of contact behind the line. Both are exceptional skill athletes. PHYSICALITY OF ATHLETE: ADVANTAGE PAYTON MODERATE.

I think the quarterback contest is too close to call.

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