A hard day!

I got up this morning at three forty a.m. to help my mother and I to get ready for the drive to the Lafayette Regional Airport in the rain. There was a storm and so I was glad that I had bought a new wiper blade last night although I had to install it in a light rain. The storm coming in the high pressure winter weather that preceded it has caused me a lot of pin in my joints — especially my feet. I just received an e-mail that my mother made it safely all the way to her destination in Mexico. I am grateful and happy for that.

However, I am not doing so well otherwise. I did minimum chores at slow speed and some will have stacked up as to-do items for the coming days. I am feeling better but still pretty rotten as joint pain goes. My big “treat”  was to watch LSU play and they lost in a close game to Ole Miss.

This was not a day that was very bad but it was a very hard day anyway. So I hope for a better one tomorrow. I just hope to get through the rest of this one today.

One response to “A hard day!

  1. It is late night 0f the same hard day and I did get the good news that the UL Ragin’ Cajuns won. This victory over the UL Monroe team was 17-21 and may leave the Cajuns bowl eligible.

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