Thursday the eighteenth Round-up

1. Sarah Palin’s book Going Rogue and her book tour have been launched to apparently great success. I have not bought or read the book yet but I hope to  do both soon enough.  I have enjoyed watching some of the interviews sh has given.

2. Obama has held a Veteran’s Day ceremony at the Arlington National Cemetary, has set things in motion to position a cadre of hardened terrorists in the heart of New York City for a long time (as prisoners) and has seen his administration witness to a terrorist traitor shooting up Ford Hood.

3.I have been neglecting certain therapies I usually practice with regards to my feet and so they are hurting me enough to shorten this blog post.

4.Joseph’s house has been delayed several times but is supposed to arrive today at Big Woods.

5.The Opening of Parliament today showed the new Supreme Court of the UK in their new robes. It was the most notable change this year.

6. We have had really cool and clear weather here for the last few days.

7.Joseph heads down to Mexico tomorrow and my mother flies down Saturday.  I hope they will have a good trip.

8.Next Thursday is Thanksgiving Day.

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