State Opening of the British Parliament

This is one of the days that my body reminds me of my varied interests. Yesterday, I awoke earlier than my usual early rising to watch the Leonid meteor shower from my back porch. Not wanting to rise too early I missed the peak  but still had a spectacular view of the sky and saw five “shooting stars” as I watched from my back porch. This morning I watched the opening of the British Parliament live on C-SPAN2. Doing that pushed the things I had to do a bit earlier into the day.  So that makes for two early mornings in a row.  I was not bursting with energy before.

I am predicting (not promising) that I will be commenting less on Lords of the Blog in the coming term of Parliament. Therefore I wish to preserve and post a comment from my most recent post there. That will be my principal post for today.  I have many other things to do today. Here it is:

franksummers3baPosted November 17, 2009 at 1:27 am |

Because others have personaly singled out Lord Norton and made self described deviations from the topic I have decided to join this post. I have been around since January and predict that I will be around less in the future. Therefore, I am leaving a tribute to the Lord who has been my principal host whether to post or read privately. It is an Acrostic Name Verse a genre which I have written mostly to my girlfriends, ex-wife and those I thought might become romantic interests. Occasionaly I use them in a public way as here to someone in an entirely distinct category.
“Lord Philip Norton, Baron of Louth”
Lords of the Blog lit my on-line list./
One could observe the outreach of others./
Respect reaches Lord Soley’s early gist/
Drawing us to Noble sisters and brothers./
Politics and Parliament in pointed prose/
Hull’s highly honored two Houses partner/
I saw in interesting way ideas pose./
Louth’s Lord led lectures in ether./
I in interest ideas investigated./
Philip Norton led as we debated./
Now, I have known some people in my life./
Out among the lands in peace and strife./
Review, his Lordship in Pennsylvania read./
That gives him ties to these United States./
Ohio, where I studied, nears Penn’s bed./
Nonetheless, we bridged some old debates./
Baron of Louth at Hull devotedly teaches./
America’s revolution and more divides us./
Rightly he preserves Wilberforce’s focus/
“On Buxton” might he make speeches./
Now I live near former CSA beaches./

Of the Queen’s Apology to Acadians also/
Frank has yet said little in this flow./
Lord Norton I give this piece of text./
Our word communion a blessing’s been./
Under this great sky what comes next?/
That’s harder than to tell the seen./
Here you’ve earned my interest keen./

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