The Ananias Project: Good Music, Creative Artistry

I did a post a while back in which I mentioned the Ananias Project. To see that post go to: That October 19, 2009 post was the first of my round-ups which have since become a regular feature of this blog.  Because it was only one of several items I can reproduce everything I said about it here.

” 9. My brothers and brother-in-law (and some other people without the good taste to be my relatives) have come out with a CD I believe is titled ”The Ananias Project”. I have not heard it but I know all of them have made beautiful music and I have enjoyed it. One of the best guitar riffs I ever heard was two of them playing together. I wish them well. You can order here:  I hope that I did not promise WordPress not to publish commercial links, I did not really read the contract. ”

As of today I have still not heard the exact disk which you will get if you order it from CD-Baby. However, I did get to listen to one of the production studio CDs that was mostly complete.  I was impressed at what a unique musical experience it was there was live recording from several  places where Family Missions Company Missionaries have served which added color and depth to the many original pieces of music.  The raps and intros had a lot of personal feel and universal quality.  Their was a wide range of musicality and it showed that these are people serious about music who have other real connections that empower their vibe.

This is religious, spiritual and Christian but I think anyone could appreciate the work with a certain attitude and be glad to have this piece in your collection. You may not  have heard of Joseph Summers, Kevin Granger and Sarah Summers Spiehler Granger or Sheila Aggresta or any of the others on these tracks but you can hear the fact that there is quite a bit of both musical training and popular audience experience in these digits your machine is reading.

One of the things that impressed me the most is that these artists and especially my brother-in-law Kevin Granger did much of the mixing, equalizing, editing and production. In my opinion much of the CD is extraordinary in its perfection.

There is a sense of a debut album by people not on a big label — although some members have had there CDs distributed before under various names but this is not raw. It is Christian Indie and contemporary fusion folk in a post deconstructionist milieu but it is not amateurish. These people have gone surely where they wished to go. We must now see if they  can connect with the listeners who connect with their music and art.

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