The Clock is Running Down

Tell the ticking and tocking of the timepieces tolling out tempo and time.

Hear the bells and buzzers hurrying hasty hours heralded in each clime.

Each instant evinces experience and excludes repetition but may rhyme.


Carefully I note the passing of  the hours and the days as live them out.

Livy the  Roman  historian, Herodotus, and William J. Cooper today,

Orangemen and Gaelic  boosters on varied parades reflect a kind of delay.

Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and Jews view the past in future route.

Knossos and the Kalevala keep knowledge keen as we work our way.


I believe there is a magic melody in time itself we should hear.

So we should study it even if the cost can be quite clearly dear.


Rivers of events and phenomena rush through the Universes.

Untill the mind the past in future form views and rehearses,

Neanderthal’s folk blur too much into Hollywood right now.

New Zealand and Mexico offer varied views of life’s events.

I am sure that the human mental geography can allow

Neptune and Mercury to bound our economic incidents

Ganymede a bit and Mars and the Moon may be settlements.


Doing the  work of making and monitoring progress matters.

Our time is a gift no matter how dearly earned and merited.

We know that a life is made of a sense that streams and scatters.

Neurons and neutron stars are neighbors in newness neglected.

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