There has been a shooting at Fort Hood, Texas

Fort Hood is the largest US military base in almost every way. There have been multiple confirmations of 9 deaths and at least 20 injured and wounded in this attack. One of these shooters has been apprehended and at the time of this posting one or two believed shooters is at large. We will see how this bodes for our nation’s future as Americans. If you are not an American keep us in your benevolence at this time if you would. The main shooting occurred hours ago but not a great number of hours ago.

One response to “There has been a shooting at Fort Hood, Texas

  1. franksummers3ba

    The briefings have come out live. Suspects are soldiers and there are twelve dead and thrity wounded at least. There have been no new casualties since 1:30 pm Central Standard Time under US civilian nomenclature or 13:30 military I don’t want to venture the identification of the time zone internationaly. At least one police officer was killed.

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