World Series

What can we say! The Yankees are in it again. They have not won for a while.

Only they have played in so many not counting the local Giants and Mets.

Remember reading of Brooklyn Bridegrooms or the Dodgers in that mile?

List the Tampa, Denver, Boston or Chicago victory to make you smile.  

Don’t list all the history of New York each year’s start always forgets. 



So the Phillies are defending their title bravely now and I salute duly.

Even though the Yanks had Ron Guidry once I am not a real fan.

Really the Phillies are the ones who fight to stand high truly.

In repeating a title they would really carve a niche in time.

Evermore the Yankees will be top of diamond duel clan.

Should the never win again they deserve to rule in rhyme.

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