An All Soul’s Day Post that Multi-tasks…

This is a rambling post rather than a round-up exactly. Yesterday on All Saints I and my parents and many other Acadians and some Creoles of Color were down at the cemetary together but separately doing what a purist would do today — All Souls Day.  We prayed and put fresh (silk) flowers at the tombs of our ancestors and relations. The weather was beautiful and the fact that it fell on a weekend and today is Monday had a lot to do with the choice to decorate yesterday for the many who were around. We put flowers and said prayers near the remains of Theo Hollier, Regina Oubre Hollier,  Beverlee Hollier Gremillion, Chief Justice Frank Wynerth Summers, Esther Leblanc Summers, Robin Gremillion and Michael Gremillion. That was after attending a mass where my grandmother Beverlee Gremillion was honored and remembered along with others who had died in her church parish this year.
Today I got the great pictures that I am enclosing attaching below from my sister Susanna in northeast Texas. These form a companion piece to my most recent post Happy Halloween.  
4 VanVickle Saints

My Nephews Michael, Dominic, Thomas & Anthony Costume for All Saints

Anthony as St. Patrick

My Nephew Anthony Costumes as Saint Patrick for All Saints

Michael as St. Francis Xavier

My nephew Michael costumed as St. Francis Xavier for All Saints Day

My nephews Dominic and Thomas  as Saints OFm

My nephews Dominic and Thomas costumed as early Franciscan saints Francis of Assisi and Anthony of Padua


I am able to say that I have not missed any substantial part of the World Series so far but I am afraid that this will change tonight. How can I miss the nearly All Saints Day game of the undefeated Saints?  I will try to surf between the two games and probably miss the best of both. 

In more All Saints and All Souls themed news the relics of St. Mary Magdalene are visiting our area. Here is a link below, however I have noticed TV station link usually expire after a while so if you are checking this long after I post it you may not see much.  Various churches will be the sites of this visitation.


The rest of my weekend and week are too confused and indefinite for me to deal with in this post. I will update it perhaps. Ye few, ye proud, ye brave, ye readers can check in for more later.

6 responses to “An All Soul’s Day Post that Multi-tasks…

  1. Frank, long time New Orleanian, went to USL, lived in Breaux Bridge and Henderson (ran Landry’s Seafood Inn from79-81), I’ll be jumping back and forth myself, but only to see if Chad Gaudin pitches for the Yanks. I won’t miss a lick of the Saints. To top it all off, I’m heading to Atlanta on Thursday, to rub it in…I love your nephews costumes. Say hi to Karlo Broussard for me?

    • franksummers3ba

      Do you mean the long term Abbeville High School baseball Coach? If I see him and he is the one you mean then I will greet him if it happens soon enough for me to remember. I interviewed him for the Abbeville Meridional once and we have spoken many times but I do not see him regularly.

      I have loved various Landry’s tables although not as often as I would like. I do not know any other Broussards whose names resemble Karlo that I can think of off hand. I will be at a dinner party tonight after an All Souls Day service and I think my friends will be focused more on the Saints than the series.

      I wish you a trip to Atlanta with happy reasons to gloat. Thanks for stopping by the blog.

  2. No, Catholic apologist Karlo Broussard. He is the Director of Religious Education for Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish in Crowley, and teaches 7th and 8th grade theology at Redemptorist Catholic, also in Crowley.

    I know, Crowley is too close to McNeese for comfort, but I don’t know if that rivalry even exists now. Sorta like LSU/Tulane…I know they still play each other, but the rivalry has gone way down the tubes. I actually live in Northern California now, and everyone marvels at my authentic Cajun food…I’m glad I learned to cook in Southern Louisiana, cuz I’d starve otherwise! I can even get crawfish here, though they don’t know how to clean them. And there’s no Mardi Gras.

    • franksummers3ba

      I have heard of Karlo Broussard there. I was born in Crowley to parents one of whom is a native of Abbeville and one of whom is a native of Midland, Texas. It is a nice town which I have only occasionaly visited. Three of my grandparents wer born in Abbeville and my several greats grandfather sold the land for the original town to the priest who founded it and then helped expedite some of the planning — that man was a Leblanc as was my Dad’s paternal grandmother whom I called Mama Esther. So Abbeville is my hometown although Crowely is my native place.

      McNeese is still the biggest rivalry of the soul I think at UL although the games are not of any other significance now. The most recent Mc Neese game (one quarterback ago) is still one of the best attended games in UL History. Most of the other top five we won. I was there and we lost that one. But the environment was great — thanks for stopping by the blog.

  3. What a heart-attack game last night, reminded me of the Mora playoff games with Atlanta!

    I dated a Crowley girl while I was at USL in the late 70’s.

    Nice to be reminded of old times, and see them through rose-colored glasses.

    • franksummers3ba

      I truly empathize with sentiments in the last sentence. I didthink the game was as tense as it could be without the score being tied near the end. On the Saints last possession before the game-ending interception that was the las od the game they were below one and a half minutes and up by eleven points and I said “Now, it IS over”. How wrong that was. The most intense football was yet to come.

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