Cecil B. Gremillion’s Birthday

This week has four holidays for me. Today is my maternal grandfather’s birthday. Tomorrow is Halloween. The next day is All Saints Day. The day after that is All Soul’s Day. This is a set of which I have observed various members with differing intensity over the years. Each has been different but each has been an important part of a small mini-season as it were.


Today is my maternal grandfather’s birthday. His name is Cecil Bruce Gremillion.  His wife died on my most recent birthday June 15,2009. My grandmothers name was Beverlee Hollier Gremillion. They were married for over 65 years and together a bit before that both engaged and  courting. Together they went through World War II, built a home and reared a family. They went in to hospice care together. My grandmother died almost immediately and my grandfather whom almost anyone would have thought was the sicker one has lingered to make this birthday and for all I know may make another.

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Advertising the bed and breakfast in their home

The story of my grandfather’s life is surely a mixed one and I have sort of a darker view of life and the world than most people who blog. However, he was a man doing things and being with his family.  He and my grandmother did stay together a very long time and today he can look back on those days.
He was named an Economic Ambassador of Louisiana, a Commodore of a nearby Tarpon Fishing Rodeo, President of a local savings and loan, President of a local development and investment company and now he is confined to either a bed or a wheelchair and I doubt he ever feels well. Life has stages and many of them are very tough going. I hope that it is not to religious or philosophical for some who may read this to say that I hope his journey through this pain is somehow deepening and enriching to him. No life is simple but my grandfather always had a religious perspective and an interest in the inner life — which he balanced with a worldly pursuit of wealth and pleasure. He was a fairly complicated man and I am sure he still is. 
The picture below has been rotated and saved and edited ad nauseam and I cannot get a copy of it to show up the right way. Maybe one day I will try again with more success and edit the old post. I have about ten good copies. In this original sideways copy my grandmother is a real ghostly image next to my grandfather with the ghost on the other side. So maybe all the glitches and the outcome are apt for the season. 
Kisinoaks blsng

Blessing Kisinoaks after moving and while renovating it.


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