Delayed Launch

Deep waters stretch out beyond the launch pad and gantry, blue sky-met.

Extending from the pad to the cameras used by NASA TV shallows lap.

Launching Ares has been delayed now and lots of view on my TV set.

Ares awaits an all-clear announcement as to atmospheric activity.

Yet we face only a little haze as we worry about some thunderclap.

Engineers have cleared the mechanical things to near certainty.

Dangers are less for lack of living leapers launching at finger snap.

Launches carrying cargo calculating and cared for all for caution.

A higher hedge halts haste where humans blast tot the heights.

Under the current case the great care and cool calculation

NASA makes is without some of its then needed  feeling frights.

Check and recheck yes but do not fail to make a  go decision.

Here we test the rocket that can  later bear folks to starry nights.

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