Early Mornings

Every so often I sleep late. More often in recent years I  do nap.

As far as sleep goes over the years I have fallen into many patterns.

Regardless of variety mostly I have leapt up early to what might hap.

Leaving my bed before the sunlight falls from above on grass or ferns.

Yet more often before it had the angle on trees drawing  up sap.


My life has been that of a morning person all in all and is so now.

On this day I fed the cat in the cloak of black shadow found his bowl.

Relying on interior light and his bright white coat to fill the vow

Not formal but relied upon for the easing  his hunger and my soul.

I now make coffee, give dogs snacks, type this verse as well —

Now  sweetheart awake!” said I long ago to my ex-wife Michelle.

God still haunts the mornings too though I sense less well.

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