Currently, I see many things making one wrong I might call it a catastrophe.

At times I have written of better angels of our nature and light and right .

To be entirely honest, I have oft balanced the contest and the trophy,

AND the victory with the fight  more showing coming dawn than a night.

So those who read me long and often  will see and also  recognize —

These days there are more time when  bitter gloom fills these writerly eyes.

Reading recent blog pots here and elsewhere one can find my darker view.

Of course there were many and very many unpublished pieces darker still.

Plays, poems and novels as well as essays that focused on what is false and ill.

However, among ye few, ye proud, ye readers still I serve a more bitter stew.

In endless observation of dire trends and dooming circumstances now,

Existentialism can be quite cheerful compared to my view of the era new.

So in this blog expect to balanced cheeriness often disavow.

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