Ebb and Flow

Every population on Earth has its cyclical flows. “There is a time to live and a time to die”.

Beautiful flowers cover the same glades that may sometimes be stark and bare to the eye.

Blogging too has its peaks and valleys. Although this blog is low to my own past high.


As to circulation, tens of thousands read me at one time and slowly the numbers drop.

Now and then an upward spurt brings in some new reading eyeballs in a ripe crop.

Downward now my energy and my readership seem to move from growth, maybe to flop.


For me there is only the continuous thread back to the very  start of thought.

Lifting now and then on the rewards of some victory well and hard-fought.

On the whole a story of resisting against long odds and managing decline.

What I know most in life is my sense that to resist can oft be fine.

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