A Weekend Journey

Well, this will be a brief note. I saw one of my nieces and a brother-in-law today.  I had some minor mishaps at the UL homecoming game but still had a nice time. Two of the five young women on the homecoming court were from Abbeville and on was someone I had known a bit when she was a child and also her family were people known to me. There were several alumni who received honors whose careers I have followed and it was good to see them recognized. I also ran into some people I have known. The game was a defeat and thus a sad moment but it was closer than it appeared in the final score of 52 to 29. I got back in time to watch my other (graduate level) alma mater LSU defeat Auburn on TV.

 There are always problems with the physical plant in any big place in the countryside and this is no exception so that is part of my day’s story. Today it was not horses escaping from bad fences, not impending bad weather or its aftermath. Nonetheless, there were problems that shaped the start of the day. I have the place mostly to myself and a restful Sunday planned for tomorrow.  Although there are others on site now in other houses, some will be returning tomorrow and my plans may not come true anyway.

I will make an end of the note here and perhaps add something to it tomorrow. Not as an add-on to this post but as a separate post.  For now I am signing off.

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