My Alma Mater Wins a First Place Prize at Solar Decathlon

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette has just won the first place award in Market Viability for its Team BeauSoleil Solar Powered Home at the Solar Decathlon held at the Mall in Washington. This is a competition among teams which design homes that have green values and produce their own energy. The BeauSoleil home does all the things required by the contest but adds to those challenges the achievement of being hurricane resistant.  This link is the place to check out this project and possibly get involved yourself.

This is a very personal kind of blog. This is an event that reminds me of relatively happy times on campus. I wish to take this occasion to make others more aware of what is going on at the University of Louisiana and how the univeristy is touching the world in one of many ways that it does touch the world. 

The Solar Decathlon is a great competition which this year and in all previous year has drawn some very fine design talent to the capital city of the United States of America. All of them are a credit to the minds and talents of young adults dealing with the challenges that face our country and the world.

A scene from the competition at this Solar Decathlon

A scene from the competition at this Solar Decathlon

It is a use of our nation’s great public assets for a purpose suited to the time and the challenges of the time.  Over the years I have enjoyed watching interviews on television with various contenders in this program.  However, I am more moved that usual by the great achievement of my alma mater’s team. Go Cajuns!

One of the other entries at the Solar Decathlon.

One of the other entries at the Solar Decathlon.

These events are doubtless also forming links among the community of those who can design for a sustainable future. I think that this is one of the greatest benefits of this program. I encourage you to link to the You Tube video that provides a nice brief treatment of Team BeauSoleil’s achievements this year.

I hope that this will be an important milestone in the steady climb to greatness by the Universite des Acadiens. For more data about the school itself go to  and you will find that a lot of good things are going on there that are relevant to the challenges of today’s world. It seems that it is being recognized for applying good thinking and technology to the probelms and opportunities for a greener future which so many of us are thinking about and discussing these days.

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