Acrostic Verse

As it happens today I have a chance to blog about blogging again,

Chances between compelling causes of chosen communication come.

Readily I reach for these writer’s reprieves from regular responsibility.

On this evening I am able to discuss the form of verse which I did begin

So consistently to use as I use the poetic powers of my busied brain.

There is little love for acrostic verse as the tellers of free verse spin

Into convenient starting lines and unrhymed ends their words train.

Coding in a topic title on the start of these lines seems needless pain.


Very  few bills are paid these days by the penning of structured verse.

Even though I am unpaid here it still seems a deviating thing to do

Rigidly stringing rhymes in to the written words the titles rehearse.

Still I think the form  shapes and captures an experience quite well too.

Essentially I am still commenting too in this form both old and also new.

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