On the subject of things not going perfectly…

Support is closed at WordPress and I do not need it really but somehow a significant percentage of my views from my past history have been vaporized. That had not happened before. I feel that perhaps they were views from a local network I belong to and thus somehow identified as my own viewing by the software or someone, that or something with another logical explanation is doubtless the cause. I do feel a bit kicked around by this unique indignity however. Of course nobody would know about this if I did not post the results here. Because it seems to fit with the theme of the longer and larger post I have for today I am adding it in on my own.

Almost 20% of my best day ever and 50% of my WordPress recorded views today as of posting thissecond brief blog were erased. What does that mean?

While I don’t care that much it is just one of those things when one is mildly depressed and irritated. I was puttering around with this while feeling a bit ragged around the edges and then found that my struggling new enterprise is even more struggling than I thought it might be.

C’est la vie!

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