America in Afghanistan Today

A cousin of mine named Severin Summers lost his life in uniform far away.

Met death from an explosive device perhaps with hostile fire as well.

Every day someone dies in a war our media must daily display.

Regarding that, I believe folks should know why some say war is hell.

In Helmund, Kabul and near Baluchistan as well as across lines

Camps house our soldiers and others who watch for mines.

America is now at war with Al Quaeda and the Taliban as well.


In Manhattan’s island there is still a hole of woes and pain.

Not many forget completely the human and concrete rain.


A graveyard of Empires they call this land of Afghan folks.

Frontier it gave to the British Indian Raj so diverse and vast.

Great Persia invested and fortified a rule that did not last.

Hordes inexorable left their dead there in snowy cloaks.

As we know the Soviet Union lost fire and much gold there,

Now that does not mean these empires gained nothing fair.

It does not mean there were no rulers who did some good.

Still it does mean that risk must be fully understood.

There is a royal family, socialists and secular democrats too.

As far as I know we have not linked these with the tribes,

Now we could build a really Afghan client not with bribes.


There may be a need to locate some expats for bases rich,

Or raise up an Afghan Cavalry with horse, hawk and bitch.

Digging jobs and agricultural reforms may be needed

And we may need cheap loans to farms well seeded.

Yet there are starting points where we’ve succeeded.

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