America’s economic crossroads in the darkness

I do not know how to say this simply. I know that America is in a very dangerous place. I am still watching the Ken Burns film The National Parks: America’s Best Idea.  I look at this complicated and difficult story of difficult and complex events and life struggles. Of course it is mostly a story of beautiful places and beautiful creatures being preserved. However, the story was written in the blood sweat and tears of so many and Ken Burns does a good job of setting these things out in a clear and crisp narrative.

We are in a very bad situation and the need for radical change is quite great. However, the chances of having the right changes come into effect are almost nonexistent as far as I can see. Here are some problems which I think come together to make a much larger problem than merely the sum of their parts.

1.We have the river delta of the sixth largest river in the world in this coutry and we do not have abalnced view of it at all. The Mississippi Delta is in a state of ecological freefall and collapse and the consequences for theTexas, Louisiana and Mississippi on the Nothern Gulf Coast have been disastrous. We do have the will power to manage these challenges.

2.We have a huge number of bridges, roads, tunnels and levees that we are not maintaining to solid standards.

3. We consume a huge percentage of the world’s resources and much of it on credit from China where the average citizen ought to be living a higher standard of living.

4. We are almost all agreed to make the coverage of vastly expensive healthcare options and absolute right, not covering undesirable aliens any more than we used to and barely adressing wellness and primary care. This is outrageous and a sign of where we are going to destroy ourselves.

5.In the recent Chicago shooting many saw the crime and almost nobody has spoken to the police and yet this community is seen as equaly desrving of funding and advancement as if it were not a rebel community in arms.

6. Our political theory is insanely simplistic and raw and deluded. None of the nuance and depth that built the best in this country is understood. Calculator democracy and quarterly profits battle in milieu devoid of serious statecraft.

7. We have a huge deficits, huge debt and a slow economy.

8. We have no real sense of justice and proportion in matters related to human community. More or less all forms of real human community (as opposed to state related society or corporate organization) have simply been made ilegal. We have toolittle recognition for Indian Nations and marriage and other than those we have lawsthat effectively prohibit:

A. Native Hawaiian and Samoan near-state tribalism and nationhood.

B. Polygamy is ilegal.

C. Clans, extended families, neighborhoods and monasteries cannot really gain much if any legal recognition of what they actualy are and a structure that supports them.

9. We do nothing really to redefine the narcotrafficking crisis which has contibute to the slaughter in Mexico, to FARC and its wars in Colombia, to the Taliban and it wars including 9-11.

10. We are increasingly isolated form several important sectors of the world and challenged by the European Union and other players which are almost brand new in historic terms.

11. We are unable to manage resources like occupied territories, space station access, nuclear fission technologies and other products of our greatest and most expensive efforts very effectively.

12. Our automobile industry is a major driver of innovation and progress and is in shambles.

13.Subsistence and biodiverse safety first farming is almost nonexistent in this country.

14.Our world is getting smaller in very many ways but for mostly political reasons it is not getting larger in almost any way other than those directly related to population.

In some of my other notes and pages in this site I have tried to show how all of these things went together and worked. I have showedwhat I believe might be some ways out and forward. I will leave it to anyone who reads this to decide whether  they want to explore this blogsite and try to piece together the policy questions and answers in this site. I think that I have made quite a few statements about how bad things seem to me and a lot of that is about personal issues and some is about even bigger trends than the one listed here.

However, I am ready to say that a great deal of my unhappiness is related to these aspects of American economics. We are in my view in a state of advanced entropy right before all the forces reach a zenith of destruction. That right before may not seem so soon to many people even if iot keeps coming. However, for me reversing the trend is the only solution that would bring comfort. I do believe it is possible we will revers these trends but I do not think it is likely at all.  


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