Sundays and television

Today, I had a very indoor Sunday. I fed some animals, broke a piece of wood that was jamming a large garbage bin open, moved a few items out on the lawn section of Big Woods and I went to the little chapel nearby where I usually attend Mass. But mostly I stayed home and watched television. I watched most of CBS Sunday Morning which is one of my favorite shows, the Saints beating the Bills and snippets of other NFL games and the first installment of the Ken Burns National Park film. It was not a bad way to spend much of the day. I do not object to cutting up on Sunday and I do take advantage of services available on Sunday. But I know that the old Sunday laws of various kinds gave many people a day off who seldom get one now. Ihave at times been one of those “tirelessly” working people who will fill all available time (almost) with paid labor and now there is no resistance to filling all that time.

I do not work really hard just now.  However while this is written Sunday night, I often take Sunday nights  and all of my Sunday off from blogging and it still shows up as Sunday posting because of the time differences. This evening I am thinking of all the forms of inactivity that actually make great activity. Like mapping, surveying, certifying, declaring and protecting National Parks so that cars, buses, trains, planes, uniform makers, carpenters, rangers, filmmakers, writers and many others can make their living from this seemingly uneconomic enterprise. Days off and holidays add value too. Normaly my Sundays have a bit more community and family and that could have been the case today. However, today was a day to watch TV and rest. As it ends I do feel relatively refreshed and hope humanity moves towards more such refreshing times for more people who seldom get them.

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