An American Journey Through a Rough Day

Today I set up a page on this blog dedicated to the speeches and events that accompanied Obama’s debut at the United Nations.

I think that link has some relevant things to say which I will not repeat here, but what I do say here is realted to that page’s text. This has been a rainy day that followed going to a wake and involved slogging through ankle deep water on what is almost always dry land so it is perhaps not so unusual that I am in a rather dark and pensive mood. Each year the world seems a little further from appealing in many ways. Yet I do sense that my own life is moving in its own path as I think of all that is being daily decided and which does not mesh all that well with my own sense of priorities. Pesident Barak Hussein Obama has declared today that we should not “accept the legitimacy of continued Jewish settlements” that is not the sort of thing one should have to look for context to define.

He has zero credibility as anythiong other than what he appears to be a destroyer of Israel if he is allowed to be such. I am a real grown-up in a way that not so high a percentage of people are and I am not naive that Israel does not need to evolve — it surely does and so do her people. The world does really need change in my view. His comments about women and girls were rather oddly worded and I think that Obama has done all he could do to show whose side he is on and it is not the side of this country. He is eager to trade away any advantage in return for nothing.

Well anyway it was a rough day. But perhaps too rough to see it as clearly as I should. Tomorrow, I may try to find the transcript and think it over, we’ll see. The world gets on towards the end of the poker game where winning and losing are the only options left. We have much to resolve. I am inclined to want to pursue the policies laid out in this blog. Posts like Novus Ordo Seclorum    appeal to me. But it is all relative. Some nights one goes to bed knowing that one is not likely to get real happy in any likely scenario.

7 responses to “An American Journey Through a Rough Day

  1. Mr Summers, I am usually impressed by your dexterity in your responses to remarks made on the ‘Lords of the Blog’ site. However, your blog post here is entirely misguided. May I also point to the emphasis you made upon Mr Obama’s middle name, which I thought churlish and opportunistic of you, a not-so-subtle hint that he is acting thusly in opposition to Jews and favour o Arabs.

    Israel has continued to expand, illegally, since 1967. Its formation was a usurpation of land from the Arabs in 1948 that was nothing if not damaging to East-West relations. Israel, and the United States’s uncritical support for her and all she does, is one of the reasons we in the West (I live in Britain) have such poor relations with the Islamic world.

    I am assuming that your support for the state of Israel is not religious. After all, religion itself (piety) is a foolish delusion with no place in the twenty-first century. I would think that the AIPAC’s unbridled power in America had reached such a point now that an investigation into its influences and a rebellion against its blind bias and nefarious intents be looked into.

    It can’t be a coincidence that anyone who dares to criticize anything the Israelis do is branded a neo-Nazi, anti-Semite, Judeophobe or what-have-you.

    • Mr. Mullholland,
      It is indeed pleasant to have a bit of an LOTB reunion here. I especialy appreciate someone who also uses his name although I simply do not know if it is your name or not. How could I?

      I believe part of the difference between us here is related to our nationality (in the sense of polity not ethnicity) The US first supported Israel and Britain really remained torn about its existence. I do support Israel. I am a Christian and relationships between Christians and Jews are of a complicated nature. However, as a race, culture and ethinicty the Jews, Hebrews and Israelis have made many contributions and have never left behind some effort to regain a homeland that was an admirable kingdom destroyed by Rome. I believe I know a great deal about the historical Jesus compared even to many experts and he was among many other things a patriot resisting the destruction of the Jewish homeland. So religion and culture find some peace here.

      In ethnic terms I am an Anglo-Acadian with both sides having some old (minority by percentage) Jewish forebears in the distant past. I despise many antisemites very much and do enjoy a good fight compared to being murdered by idiots. However, I am not one who likes to prejudge everyone or their intentions.

      Obama has used names as he found them convenient. The name is therefore made important. He is very much a man who lacks good manners and has lost the right to excpect excessive courtesy from me. But that is not unusual in most societies and times. A sizable minority of times and places are polite — this is not one of them. Presidential politics are nasty in the US and that is the job he wanted.

      I wish I could offer you some prize for being my first “real” comment. I am glad you made the journey from LOTB.

  2. Thank you, Mr Summers. I assure you that I am not operating under a pseudonym. I have some degree of contempt for using false names as I feel it gives some people licence to say things which they would not have the courage to stand by had their actual name been associated with them.

    You say that Mr Obama has poor manners and does therefore not deserve your courtesy. Perhaps, being a Briton, I can offer a slightly different perspective. The President is your head of state, so I see that, in his position as symbol of the state and head, he is equivalent to our monarch, Elizabeth II. I cannot imagine saying anything rude about the Queen, it would offend my very principles to show contempt to the Head of State and the Crown. I wonder that there is no reluctance to do that in the US. Even the Duke of Edinburgh is treated with reverence, despite his outdated racialist statements. I think that if I was an American – though the situation is somewhat different and the HoS can lay no claim to being ‘above politics’ – I might treat the President with the same respect even in disagreement. By the way, I thought it distasteful when George Bush was receiving this sort of treatment from the other side, too, but that doesn’t make it right this time either.

    • Mr. Mullholland,
      The trees in my yard are life forms and so is Her Britannic Majesty yet I would never recommend pruning off her fingers or planting her feet in potting soil in February. QEII is also a mammal as are my dogs. Yet if she visited I would never throw her dog biscuits or order her out of the house in a gruff manner. She and President Obama are indeed both Heads of State. They are also both Monarchs (that word has been abused).
      However there are some differences:
      1. She has surrendered her claims as political chief executive and has allowed them to be exercised by the Prime Minister largely to ensure politesse.
      2. She has a court which has given us the word courtesy.
      3.She has participated all her life in the knightly orders associated with our word chivalry.
      4. She is female.
      5. She is, in point of fact, old.
      6.She is a royal in a royalist system.
      7. She has never appealed to the passions in the way that all Presidents of these United States have done since Coolidge and many since Jackson.
      8. She is known to go to great effort to make an impression and preserve the significance of degree even when it is one that is not to her obvious benefit.
      9.She has served in the military. However unusual her treatment may have been — it is something.

      Despite all these differences if I found myself at a State occasion with President B.O. or Hussein or whatever his name is this week I would be respectful to him as holder of the POTUS seal and to the man who had earned the post. As to Her Brittanic Majesty, I believe there are few forms of conflict she and I could not get to eventualy on my side it simply takes a different form than if I am assaulted by a worthless thug in an alley. Both the Lord’s Anointed over Temporal Affairs in the United Kingdom and the worthless thug are persons made by God, my distant brethren and were among those for whom Christ died in his cosmic sense. However duty may require her to take my life or me to take hers in some unforeseeable instance and if that occurs there will be something inevitably offensive about this. In the American context at this time my stance towards President Obama is entirely apropriate.

      I think a long-reigning king would muddy British royalty a bit in good ways. There a question of whether the UK can afford a long reigning king anymore remains to be answered.

  3. So you oppose the monarchy and support a republic?

    • Mr. Mulholland,
      You have here picked up on a pet peeve of mine which huge numbers of magazines, universities and books will drown out. I am glad for the UK to have a royal and royalist monarch. I may wish some reforms but I do not dislike that institution. My assertion about which I am entirely inflexible is that Raul Castro, Hu Jintao, Barak Hussein Obama and Presidente Calderon are already in fact monarchs. They are republican monarchs. A monarch is any one who embodies the role of the One in classic Greek political science. Classical Greece also developed the basic theory of royalism but it was not the same as Monarchy. In the UK the Queen is the One, Lords are the Few and Commons are the Many. In the USA at the federal level the President is the One, the Senate and the Supreme Court are the Few and The House of Representatives are the Many. In the USA these are all republican posts and in the UK they are still royalist even if the democracy may or may not at times dominate the process. Unfortunately, nobody would understand you if you were persuaded to use my terminology but I am entirely right and unified world opinion is entirely wrong. Did I mention my fabulous qualities of modesty and humility?

  4. franksummers3ba

    I added the link to another page on the site today but otherwise have not really shanged the text enough to affect the subatanc of comments and replies posted before now.

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