Healthcare and the Media Blitz

Sunday, President Barry Soetero -Barak Hussein Obama appeared on numerous talk shows (five) on US television. He then appeared on CBS on the Late Show with David Letterman on Monday night.  Obama took up not only the two and a half guest slots which regulars know form the core of the Letterman show but also took the place of the musical guest at the end and just about everything except the monologue at the begining. Certainly, he is an intimidating media figure. ALthough I have a larger audience on Facebook than here and have been published and braodcast I can honestly say that one has to compare that vast media exposure to one’s tiny little share of the blogosphere here. I do of course appreciate the readership I have and it does not always follow that large numbers are the biggest factor in determining the influence of words and ideas. Small readerships can spread ideas and can also grow into large readerships.

But what does this saturation of television mean and portend?

 I am guessing it means that he feels he can influence the agenda better by using that technique. Perhaps he is also punishing Fox by excluding them from the live presence. Perhaps he is flexing his communication muscle against his critics in media. Truly I do not know. But I do believe that it must be seen as highly significant.

I hear that Sarah Palin has been invited to speak to about 1000 investors in Hong Kong. I find that also to be significant. We are seeing her go from the millions on the campaign to 1000 but also see that millions will see this as part of her education in global affairs. Her 1000 can be a step forward to a better position. The President’s large audience can be heading for the bottom ot it may pay off well. I do think it is a gamble. Not a high stakes gamble but a gamble nonetheless.

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