A Story of Bailouts and Redemption

A man I will call  Bob J. is feeling especialy grateful today. Bob is very devoted to his golf game but there was a time not long ago when it seemed he might be forced to play on a municipal course or one of those supposed country clubs with a bunch of people who wore polyester and drank blended scotch. His wife could be exposed to those true believing Jews, Catholics, Baptists and Lutherans who actualy went to services several times each year. His daughter could have ended up at parties with  people who had relatives in red brick schools.

Bob knows he is a good guy. He has always known this. He also knows he is a bad guy but only when a bad guy is the best thing to be. Then he is a real bad-ass. Mostly Bob is a guy who can appreciate the finer things.  That is why he should have as many of the finer things as anyone possibly can have in this life. He does not believe in the afterlife most of the time. Except for when one of his girlfriends has had a later abortion — then he has always believed for a while that there is an afterlife where the little angels are better off. But it has been a while since that happened and so he does not really believe that nowadays.

He has always had a desire for money. He really wants money. Now the Republicans and the Democrats have paid him a great deal of money through his board which gave him a big bonus. Having lots of money is the familiar thing. It is the best thing for America too. People from all over the world are accustomed to him and his friends having a lot of money. They are assured and very comforted by him having a lot of money. Now he is able to make deals because he has a lot of money. That means he can help the country recover. He knows that for him this is almost a holy story — a sort of beautiful miracle, and he is grateful to the cosmos or maybe even God.

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