Healthcare and The Death of Government

I am ready to accept that my point of view is very much at variance with that of almost the entire political system in the United States and much of the world. However, when I look at the several hundred pages of something Baukus will call his bill and remember that Member of Congress who held a sign reading “What Bill” as Obama addressed the nation with his plan these things make me think. My proposal for a true independent national agency supporting a web of licensed but autonomous community clinics would only require fity pages of actual legislative memoranda and most of the regulation would be in agency which should be a cabinet level position with Senate confirmation.  This would be a more constitutional approach than the proliferation unconfirmed “czars”.

Whoever you may be if you read this I am grateful. However, you are not part of a vast readership even by the most generous estimate.  The National Wellness Agency with largely independent funds would also not create entitlements. The clinic insurance would buy only a right to whatever was available at a nominal fee. The NWA would commit to supporting the clinics with whatever it did in fact have in the bank. However, because the funding should not be part of the regular budget but fixed into various transactions at low costs the NWA would always have something.

President Obama’s election was one of many disappointments to me but his policy in this case is going to be part of the continuing death of government. What was the United States government is becoming something at once too expensive and intrusive on the one hand and too weak and ineffective on the other. It still does many things well. But real political science is a bit like medicine. The sickened parts of the body politic get more attention than the healthy parts proportionately.

Overall, I am feeling personaly sad and worried about a variety of things today but healthcare debate is really adding to my glum frame of mind. Not all political debates do — many leave me feeling unaffected.

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