The USA and World Health and Wellness

I have done a lot of posts on healthcare reform.  There are a lot of other topics on which I might have commented and which normaly would have gotten more of my attention. I think that health, wellness and healthcare have a lot to do with geopolitics.  I hope that as this debate goes forward there will be some real discussion of the worldwide political ramifications of our policy in health.

A lot of that thinking can be followed through under commonsense thought about the environment and nutrition and peace. I do believe that those are three huge aspect of dealing with health. But I think there is more to all of this than the simple. Deserts have advanced throughout historic times in many parts of the world and organic pollutants have overloaded and destroyed fresh watershed for centuries. We need to begin to imagine a world in which wet organic waste from around the world ends up becoming soil around the worlds growing deserts on artificial islands and on the moon.

We need to see worldwide programs supporting the local and national structures which will protect topsoil, biocorridors for wildlife and water tables. We need to determine how much of a role America can play in the future of world development of trade which promotes health and wealth objectives.

A discussion of health needs to include an understanding of making an effort to reward all employers around the world who produce:

1.Long term good health for workers and their families,

2. Healthy communities and local environments,

3. And positive contributions to world heallth.

We as a nation have a complex and important role to play in promoting health and wellness and the big health issues unite many very different people. I have not gotten specifialy into the role space industry devlopment can and should play in all of this development.  However, space is part of the big solution. We must start to seee the health implications of all policy and to keep the concern for health and wellness as a properly balanced priority.

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