Healthcare Reform and Decriminalizing Drugs

One of the issues that goes with the reform of healthcare is the question of ilegal narcotics. As it happens I posted a comment today at the Lords of the Blog under Lord Norton’s post “Decriminalising Drugs?” (NOTE: I made a small error and sent clicks to home net. When I changed the post it magicaly continued to send people to that site for no reason. The regular link is  ). I often post (or lately have often posted) on LOTB and this is an occasion to place that link here in my blog.

This is also a profoundly important health and wellness issue. I urge you if you read this post by Lord Norton and my comment too. So if you wonder how we can get a grip on the health risks of black market drugs then  also read this:

But as you read it try to think about how it relates to my overall vision of healthcare and ask what the health and wellness implications ofour current policy might be. We will probably be coming back to this in a future blog.

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