Healthcare and Some Big Questions

We are busy in the United States discussing and struggling to formulate the proper healthcare policy. The country may spend a trillion dollars supercharging our medical infrastructure and building a very powerful bureaucracy to try to oversee it all. I have proposed here and elsewhere that  we create really independent National Wellness Agency that will also work with “sort of” supervise and support a web of community clinics which would exist under a variety of charters and receive funds and directions from a mix of familial, corporate, municipal and other sources.

One of those sources is the community that sort of ends up being the members of the American Medical Association. At Dr. Hebert’s wake Friday night I noticed how many physicains and close relatives of physicians were there. Not nearly all of them were of Dr. Hebert’s generation. My proposal would create incentives for them to evolve into better directions. It would not replace their community entirely with an artificial structure.

Dr. Charles Boustany is my representative for whom I have voted repeatedly and “Bobby” Jindal is my Governor elected from a primary for whom I have never voted who has a background in administering medicine and government in their connectivities. They are sort of making my own home area a center of Republican thought on healthcare. So I see that they are pushing for a different approach than that proposed by the Obama administration. However, it has taken quite some time for them to formulate and put forth a plan that is comparable to the Obama plan in its ambition.

I propose that the National Wellness Agency would help our national ambitions and the ambitions of humanity worldwide to come to fruition. Those ambitions that include creating new islands using waste that is made secure, a real space colonization policy,   opening biocorridors and supporting eco-friendly high population farming all address issues of health, cost, population and environment. We need health policy that can help us to create the big new possibilities that we really need to create but are unlikely to create effectively unless we begin to make big changes in the way we think and the players that we involve. Healthcare has to be an effective part of our overall vision of the future. If it is not it will surely be a hindrance to any sane and decent future.

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